Show Notes

Hey Ya'll so glad you have you back for another episode of Sleep Snatchers! I hope everyone is having a great week. 

On this episode I speak with Andrea! She's had experiences of lucid dreaming ever since she was a child. Those lucid dreams have turned into 

astral projections over the years. Andrea makes a vivid account of the same astral location as Harper from episode 05 Astral Locations. Stay tuned for an episode of them together talking about the Location!


Lucid Dreaming- A lucid dream is a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, or environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid.

Astral Projection-  is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of a soul called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe.


I just started a facebook group page for us all to connect on. Click here to check it out! This group is for everyone to share their experiences in real time. I also know that you can't leave comments on the podcast so this can also be a discussion forum for everyone that wants to discuss the episode or if they have questions. Thank you everyone for listening!




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